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Equiscript Trip FAQs 

Equiscript has committed to supporting another team of ten volunteers in the OneWorld Health mission to Costa Rica in 2019. Here are some key points for people interested in applying: 



 Frequently Asked Questions about the OneWorld Health trip participants who are sponsored by Equiscript:

New Update! The first Equiscript OneWorld Health trip was a great success! Nine representatives from Equiscript clients and one Equiscript employee joined the OneWorld Health mission to Nicaragua in December 2017. Watch the video to see what happened on the trip.

How do I apply?
Please ask your Equiscript representative for the full application instructions, or contact Juliet Quick at The first step is to submit a video by Friday January 11, 2019. To submit a video, please email a link to your video posting on YouTube, Dropbox, or other video storage mechanism. Please confirm that we received your submission by emailing or calling Juliet at or 904-860-5548.

Can multiple people from my organization apply?
Absolutely! We encourage it!

How many spots are there?
Equiscript plans to sponsor 10 spots: 9 for clients and 1 for an Equiscript staff member (though we may add more later).

When is the trip?
May 4-12, 2019

What is the cost to me?
Equiscript’s financial support of the trip will cover airfare, lodging, transportation, meals, and related expenses for the ten volunteers. Volunteers will be responsible for the travel cost to and from the airport, airport parking, vaccinations, and the $10 visa fee into Costa Rica. We recommend that you bring $50 for any additional expenses that may be incurred during travel and/or souvenir shopping.

How will participants be chosen?
All applications will be submitted to OneWorld Health for consideration and selection by OneWorld Health staff. All participants must sign a release of liability.

Can I pay my own way to join the trip?
Absolutely! You can apply for the trip through OneWorld Health at The Equiscript trip will be the Costa Rica trip May 4-12 2019.

Do I need to notify my employer?
Yes, we would prefer that Equiscript clients offer employees time off for the trip that doesn’t deduct from the employee’s bank of regular PTO (this is what Equiscript will do for its employees).

Do we have malpractice insurance or is that relevant in Costa Rica provided services are provided in good faith?
All clinicians will be registered with the Ministry of Health in Costa Rica. Since we work under their jurisdiction no additional malpractice coverage is necessary.

How will patients pay for their prescribed medications or diagnostic studies?
The medical outreach that the volunteers do is free of charge. Our permanent facilities are fee-based but not the outreaches.


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